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Trial & Error by Kim Jolley

skirt detail

Please pardon my less than white paper. Scanning it doesn't do the dress justice and taking photos of this piece is quite challenging. I assure you that the actual paper is white. Last illustration was my inspiration. I'm just not good enough yet to take a photo of a real person and sketch from it. the gold metallic on my illustration is QOR metallic gold by Golden's.



The 2 projects below were absolutely inspired by illustrations I saw on I added my own spin to each.

On the project below (again, inspired by, loved the posture), after sketching, I used a reversed masking technique in order to stamp the French script & tiny flowers on her skirt with permanent ink. I then painted with gouache, watercolor and accented the drawing with a Pitt pen, charcoal and more graphite. I wasn't at all happy with the glove, but decided overall I liked the dress.


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