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Trent's Glorious Face

What perfect timing for this class to pop up. I have recently started to attempt making brief animations in photoshop yet i felt like there was something wrong with my process so this is great to see a class that goes through it all! In addition I am also a twin and he has been harassing me to make him something cool so I figured evil twin self portrait is a perfect opportunity to hit two birds with one stone. So here it goes:

Part 1: Moodboard:

I felt the easiest way for me to get started was to go through and create a vimeo category with all my favorite animations i have seen over the past few years. I feel like this is going to become a fluid and ever expanding collection as I remember stuff that i may have reblogged on tumblr or saw on a site like cartoonbrew. I feel like cultivating these will help me figure out what i want or do not want to do as an animator/illustrator and build my own unique style.  As I go on video to video in these tutorials I will continue to update and Ill add either a pintrest or a tumblr of illustrations and art i like to compliment the video channel.

So out of all the shorts I looked through I really enjoyed megalizer 2 and decided that I would draw inspiration from its bright colors and the way it transitions from dance 2 dance.
Part 2: Sktich Sketch

First draft, just to get it down on paper, not sure if I will commit to the way I designed it but I will continue to play with it as soon as I find my tablet pen. 



my digital rough of myself (ft. awesome hawaiin shirt)


and then my brother jamie

Im gonna sleep on this and comeback to it later.

Part 3: Inkin it

Part 4: Colors

With colors I am keeping it simple. I am using red and blue and black for the palette and I am considering awhite border but i will play with that as I go. 

The key frames:




le transition



and then there will be another facial expression (like a smirk, he smirks alot) and transition back to the beginning. I got a lot of clean up to do although i may retain some of the looseness going on.

Final Results (ta-dah!)


any and all feedback would be greatly appreciated! fantastic lesson Noelle and Joy :D


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