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Trend Sources

I tend to you use the following when looking for trends

  • Magazines like Vogue, InStyle, Essence, etc..
  • Cupcakes and Cashmere as she's always trying something -

  • Store Browsing online and brick/mortar - Zara and HM have generate huge amount of data based on customer purchases that they use to figure out the next shipment of styles...basically what you see is what people are buying or something related
  • Sartorialist - Not sure if it's for trends or just eye candy but maybe it's the common man's couture.  It inspires and influences trends for sure.
  • The streets - As in the people walking up and down them.  The blog is kind of cool.

  • Movies and Television - Gossip Girl was my go to. However, now Scandal is decent. Period movies or moviews with costume that deviates from the norm tend to inspire trends as well. for clothing seen on TV. for clothing seen on Film.

  • Pinterest - Lets me know what people want.
  • of course.


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