Trekkingo - Wild and grounded?

Trekkingo - Wild and grounded? - student project

I've never heard two words that sounded so ill matched to each other lol - but I chose this project because I felt I could play around with it a little. 

I started with the fonts, as that was the main focus of this project - choosing Reenie Beanie (a google enabled font suitable for lots of websites) as the contrast font. It seemed to fit the 'wild' description well - I looked at a few handwritten fonts but this was one of the more unrestrained ones, almost like someone scrawling in a travel notebook or similar. 

To contrast that, I chose Lato semibold for the body font, as it is far more readable and down to earth than Reanie Beanie - perhaps more the 'grounded' section for the adjectives given. It also translates well when sized up for contrast, so can be used for a subheading where readability matters as much as design. 

Colours are never my strong point, but I limited myself by only choosing from 'websafe' colours in photoshop, or I would have tampered and played forever! Considering the images given, and the content of the site, a rugged hiker in boots came to mind and stuck, so I wanted to show grass and sky in the colours, without them being too stark - almost like a rainy day. 

Not the greatest web stylesheet in the world lol but thank you for getting me to look at fonts differently, it'll be interesting to apply this to my own website in the near future!

Trekkingo - Wild and grounded? - image 1 - student project