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Trek Asia

I've been to Japan before, but fell in love with it while I was there. I plan to visit over this next year, but also need a plan that helps me get to and from China from the US (employed in China). I need to first get to Harbin, China which I will use as a home base for a while. From there I can head out to Tokyo, Kyoto, or Sapporo. I haven't made my mind up yet. The biggest thing is getting from the US to Harbin. I'm leaving as soon as I can, which will likely be within the next 2 weeks. 

I will be living in Harbin for at least a year. It gets quite cold in the winter, and is home to one of the world's largest ice sculpture events. Currently, I have 2 checked bags, and 2 carryon bags. I might be able to get this down to fewer bags, but I need to pack for the posibility of formal events, as well as bringing sleeping gear. I would buy these items in China, but my research showed these items to be pretty expensive, so as a poor college grad, I'm holding on to what I already have.  Other items that could get moved are language books for Mandarin and Japanese. If I could find ebooks, I'd buy them in a moment, but that has also found a dead end. 


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