Treehouses, Vectors, and Shapes--Oh My!

Hello Everyone!

I'm excited to be taking this class (my first skillshare class!) on Illustrator. I've been afraid of it for a long time for god knows why, and so tackling this program—and adding another skill to my professional/artistic abilities—will be really rewarding for me. The more I delve into the world of design, the more I see a lot of my visions coming to fruition in a program like illustrator, so I'm excited to be learning this program for that reason as well. 

My piece I will be re-creating is actually a book cover, not an ad—the book, Tree Houses by Philip Jodido. I saw this book a few days ago at The Last Bookshop in Downtown LA (which, for all of you local to LA, is not only a fantastic bookstore, but also a great place to scope out inspiration in typography and design). I love how playful it is, and I think it will provide a fun challenge to work with. 

In my beginning work on Illustrator, I sought to simply play around with the different tools, getting a feel for the interface, et cetera. I felt familiar with most of the tools from my work in photoshop, although I'm pretty sure I'm going to find a new feeling for them with my work in illustrator. Here's to fun things ahead! 


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