Treeeeees! - student project

Thank you Sharone for this detailed class on trees. I had fun exploring the different possibilities. Looking back, I could have done it differently, like more light (and lighter) green on top of the first 2 trees. Tree #4 is a bit 'fuzzy', and the very last one is a bit too regular, in same-shapes-clusters. 

My favorite technique is the wet on wet technique, but maybe because it is something I have practiced for a little while now, and also because the surface that we're working on wet-on-wet isn't too big (painting a sky wet-on-wet for example irritates me because the paper doesn't stay flat, but this is the right size for this technique). I will need to practice more the dry brush and the dabbing techniques, and I think I will end up liking them just as much!

My favorite tree is #2, and second fav' is #6.

Treeeeees! - image 1 - student project

Claude C
Acrylics and watercolor artist