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Jarrett Speith

NLT - Design Engineering - SIRT Firearm Instructor



TreeFort Site

Building New Products and Ideas: Im looking at branding my own freelance product design and development studio. Im good with SolidWorks, not so much with adobe suite and webdesign but I am learning the ins and outs of design outside of 3D Modeling.

This will be my first WebSite Design EVER!!! (lol play nice lol)

MileStone: Color and Initial UI Elements

I did a MoodBoard in another course and I am drawing from that to create the colorscheme. 

Mile Stone: Header and Page Section Development 

So im borrowing some clip art and other images to generate this but im not really happy about how the font is coming out and dont want to go too much further without understanding how to make the text look better. Not sure if its in the font selection (Liberation Sans, Ubuntu, Helvetica, Cabin), and, settings; or in the contrast with the content,... 

(sorry for all the white space)


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