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Tree of LIfe

I'm Canadian, and much of what defines us as a people is our relationship to nature. In Eastern Canada, where I live we are blessed to have the Acadian Forest, a transition eco-region composed of a spectacular blend of hardwoods and softwoods.

Each walk through the forest is awe-inspiring to me. I marvel at the fantastic symbiotic relationships between all components of this spectacularly complex eco-system, which is far beyond human comprehension. The whole is definitely more than the sum of its parts.

When I look up at a tree spreading its ilmbs, I am inspired and moved. This tree caught my eye, its limbs spreading out, a symbol of the generosity of forests in general and trees in particular, as they offer food, shade and shelter to a variety of species in the forest.

Fall colours are truly a spectacle to behold. My hope in snapping pics in the forest is to inspire others to appreciate and love the forest in its abundance.

Hope you appreciate my forest and tree rant. 

Note: I'm colour blind, let me know if I over saturated. Feel free to comment.

Original Pic, no idea why it's going horizontal (sorry) 


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