Tree life in the jungle

Tree life in the jungle - student project

This is my project for the class, I really enjoyed making this pattern, although it took me a lot of time and there are several things I need to improve for the next time. I need to keep practicing the rendering post-production process in Photoshop, especially on the leaves. And also keep practicing the drawing technique, because in the final result I can see the lack of shadowing with pencil, maybe the elements would have had more dimension with better shadowing. But, apart from that, I like how it turned at the end.

Thank you Karina for this class, it was amazing! I felt very inspired by your drawings and technique, it shows your passion and your love for the natural world! I loved it!


My sketchbook where I drew all the animals and branches.

Tree life in the jungle - image 1 - student project

This is a capture after scanning and cleaning.

Tree life in the jungle - image 2 - student project

And this is the final composition.

Tree life in the jungle - image 3 - student project