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Tree House

Alriiiight, forgot to post my inspiration pictures so I am just gonna add them XD.  I wanted to do a tree house for this project. I have a kind of strange fontness for trees. But when you go look around on the internet you see kind of treemansions! They are so slick and nice.. and kind of unreal..  So that's where I decided I wanted a shabby, wonky treehouse :D Nice and imperfect like nature itself.  Here are the pictures that I used for ispiration.


Hi Jake,

I've starting sketching a little earlier than the planning the workshop gave, because I wanted to run it by you. I have made a wonky treehouse so to say that a want to use for this class. I wanted to use a twirly stairs to have an extra effect in de animation. So first pops up the tree, then the fauna, then comes the stairs, the house, the window and the chimney.  I was thinking to use a mask on the stairs and use the opacity key frames in the time line to reveal the stairs.. But I don't know if that is the correct way..  What do you think?  ( I hope it's a little clear what i mean haha )



Allright I illustraded the design in Illustrator. I kept it kind of simpel for now , maybe I can spice it up in AE with lighting and stuff :D 


Hi hi guys! 

I finished my animation! Please let me know what you think, all tips are welcome :D. The quality is a little ''meh'' because I had to make the gif really really small otherwise it would fit in here. 

But I had enjoyed putting this together, so really thanks for this  class Jake! :D 



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