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Tree Clean icon - student project

Tree Clean icon - image 1 - student projectTree Clean icon - image 2 - student projectThis is my very first project on Skill Share and I'm very happy that I could learn so much from this platform. This is my attempt at creating a logo for the Company, Tree Clean.

As mentioned in the briefing, the company soul purpose is to provide consumers with environmental friendly cleaning products that actually CLEAN. And so, my very first instinct is to think about a spray bottle. Due to limited experience, I didn't save all my attempts to illustrate a spray bottle. However, I managed to keep all my simple sketches.

The design: The logo itself contains very basic shapes, since I'm still learning to take the babies steps with Adobe Illustrator. But I did learn about Typography, Composition, and Colors and Color phycology. As a result, I've chosen tilt blue and green as the main colors for the project. Blue generally signifies cleanliness, and green brings a calm and save feelings to viewers. By mixing these two colors, I was aiming to communicate the message that Tree Clean's products can clean, all the while remain safe the consumers. I also experimented around with Typography, and I used two fonts type in the Logo's name.

Conclusion: Since this is my first project ever, I found it to be much more challenging, and it actually requires lots of research and brainstorming to produce a final product. But I enjoyed this much more than I anticipated, and I'm excited for more projects in the future.