Treatment and Three Ideas

Treatment and Three Ideas - student project

Treatment Attempt:

           MARTY BLAINE (29M) walks from his office to a trendy lounge, on a busy city street, while talking on his mobile phone. He explains to the unidentified person on the other end of the line that he is rushing to meet a blind date for a quick drink, having been set up via a mysterious matchmaking service a co-worker had recommended. He further explains how he is dreading the big 3-0, but excited to see everyone at his party later that weekend.

         MARTY enters the lounge, and looks at an email on his mobile device from the matchmaking service, which indicates he should look for someone in a red shirt. He looks up and sees VERONICA (25F), an attractive woman in a bright red tank-top. Smiling as he approaches her, MARTY notices she is carrying a tray, and is a waitress at the lounge. Somewhat disappointed, MARTY begins to ask or a quiet table for two, but VERONICA immediately asks him if he is, in fact, Marty, and then shows him to a back room, where his party is waiting for him.
      MARTY enters a curtained space, where about thirty people yell "SURPRISE" in unison. Various people are wearing birthday hats, and a big birthday cake is presented to him. MARTY, however, does not recognize any of the people in the room, and nervously asks VERONICA who these people are. Shrugging, VERONICA wishes him a happy birthday and exits the back room, as MR. BLAINE (60M) and MRS. BLAINE (55F) rush over to MARTY, hugging and kissing him, lamenting that their baby is all grown up, discussing family details that only MARTY's family would know. MARTY is bewildered but amused as SUSAN (32F), his older sister, and her husband DAVE (32M) greet him, followed by various unnamed roommates, friends, ex-girlfriends. A man dressed in a doorman's uniform gives MARTY a big hug, as does an older gentleman who appears to be MARTY's boss. 
     MARTY is enjoying himself, chatting with various people, posing for pictures. At one point, MARTY, confused but amused, steps back into the main bar to look for anyone wearing a red top, but no one is other than VERONICA. As VERONICA brings rounds of drinks to the group, MARTY explains to her that while he does have two parents, a sister, brother-in-law, former roommates, bosses and friends like the people in the room, he does not recognize any of them. VERONICA says that they had been waiting for him for half an hour, the tab was paid for, and it looks like MARTY is having a great  time, so why not enjoy it? MARTY continues to talk to VERONICA, introducing them to some of his "friends" and "family." 
         At the end of the night, as MR. BLAINE and MRS. BLAINE leave, and with some of MARTY's friends still lingering, MARTY and VERONICA are chatting and visibly flirting. With MARTY's hand on her lower back, VERONICA says her shift is over and she is about to head out. MARTY pulls her aside, and says he hopes he can see her again; can he get her number? VERONICA smiles and says of course, but suggests they grab a late dinner right now. MARTY smiles, turns to say goodbye to his "friends" still at the party, but stops as he realizes the only person he actually knows there is VERONICA. Without saying a word, he grabs VERONICA by the hand, and they leave together.

Rumspringa: Rabbi Rosen is a popular pulpit rabbi living in a New York suburb, happily married and devoted to his four children. Rabbi Rosen and his family lead lives in accordance with Jewish law, but once a year, Rabbi Rosen boards a plane, by himself, and spends one week completely disconnected from his family and his faith, violating all of the laws that govern his life all year long. On one such trip to a resort in the Carribbean, Rabbi Rosen runs into a friend and prominent member of his synagogue. Rabbi Rosen must explain his vacation from Jewish law to his congregant and to himself.  The question of whether the rabbi's community learns of this custom is left unanswered.

Blind Date: Martin shows up for a blind date at a trendy bar. After waiting for a bit, he wanders into the backroom, where he finds a "blind" surprise 30th birthday for himself. Martin does not recognize any of the people in the room, who introduce themselves to him as his parents, coworkers, siblings, college roommates, etc. Martin enjoys meeting the people in his life, all of whom seem to know everything about him and are eager to get close to him; no explanation is given for how/why this all occurred. Martin has a great time and we see him genuinely enjoying his "family" and "friends," bu Martin winds up connecting with the waitress for the party, who legitimately works at the bar and has nothing to do with the crowd there to celebrate Martin. He leaves thrilled to have her number in his phone.

Blackline:  In a conference room of a major law firm on a Sunday afternoon, we meet three somewhat frantic associates trying to finalize a legal documents to facilitate the sale of their clients' assets at a court hearing the next day. As they scramble to get the documents in order, Kyle, the most junior associate discovers a drafting error that could unravel the entire deal. Partners are called in to salvage the deal, and it becomes evident that the senior partners' failure to pay attention to the evolving changes to the documents could expose the client to a loss of more than $11 million. At the risk of losing the client for the mixup, the well-liked leader of the practice, who personally recruited and mentors Kyle, blames the entire affair on Kyle and fires him.