I am so excited by everything I have learned in this class and proud to introduce my pattern "Treasures". The pattern is composed of a few of the things I have discovered on walks in the woods with my son. Along the way we have amassed a whole pile of little treasures that I hope to eventually creat an entire pattern collection about. This project has been an amazing learning experience for me, having only discovered the world of surface pattern design a couple months ago. It was a little challenging at times just to dive in with so little previous knowledge,but I have truely never been more excited to learn about anything in my life. So here's to many more challenges and treasures ahead!  


I began my project by taking a hike with my 18 month old son through the woods behind our home in West Virginia. We do this on most days (even freezing ones) but this time I brought along my camera and did my best to catch some inspiration. March is not exactly our states most lovely month. It seems we have a lot of grey, brown, and not much else, but if you look hard enough you can always find something to inspire!

Once I had an idea of what I wanted my prject to be about I set out to gather as many references as possible. I love the idea of making your everyday experiences part of your creative process. For me it helps tie together these late night work times (the only time I can find to work alone) and my everyday. But I did have to incorporate some inspirations from the web and other places into my mood board, because I felt like my color pallet was a little limited due to the season.

When it was time to make my  color pallet I chose one specific photo that I was most fond of stylistically. I created an original pallet but found that once the pattern was complete I preferred to alter it a bit.

It was definitely more pink than I would have imagined I would like, but it seemed to have good balance within the pattern so I went with it. 

I got a liitle carried away with my sketches and made 22 of them! A few of them were more intricate but most were very small and simple. I didn't choose to use most of them in the final pattern but it gave me plenty of options and a lot of good practice. I drew each one in pencil and then traced over with Micron pens. I don't have a Wacom tablet (yet) so for now I find this is the best way for me to work. 

I scanned in just a few of my favorite sketches. 

Then I chose a set of them to make up my motifs.

Finally I put them together to create my original design!

I chose 3 color schemes for my finished pattern.




 I am so greatful for everything I have learned in this class and can't wait to move forward and continue to learn! I certainly hope this is only the beginning. Thank you so much Bonnie for you excellent teaching and inspiring words! 



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