Treasure and recommend the food you love!

I added my first pictures of delicious food, I'm so excited!

See it here: enigmatic-garden-4224.herokuapp.com

>> It's no longer possible to upload something as I removed amazon web services - If you want to try Food Treasure contact me!


Whereever we go, we encounter delicious food that often sticks in our minds forever! For me it were the Gnocchi so tender and topped with home-made mediterranean tomato sauce that my heart leaped for joy and the Profiteroles that were so creamy-chocolaty I wanted to dive into it!

I want to treasure these experiences and provide my friends and others with recommendations where to find and experience fantastic food.

This is another example of a great dish: Korean Pancake with seafood and spring onions. Accompanied with amazing sidedishes (Kimchi and other pickled vegetables).

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