Treasure Lols | Skillshare Projects

Melissa Dunne

Graphic Designer in Birmingham, AL



Treasure Lols


I went through some old toys and found my little trolls. These were always tetered on the balance of charming and creepy…like a lot of toys from the 90s. 


Sketching - making guides really helped because these guys are symmetrical. My boyfriend said it looked like it was going to steal his soul, so that jewel became a pentagram…


Inking - takes patience but I got something clean enough for Monday night


Coloring - I enjoyed overlapping different values for depth and changing textures by adjusting the scattering. I wanted to create a waxy crayon look; it seemed perfect for the childhood toy/nostaglia. 


Final - In the old ads I found, Treasure Trolls were rarely seen alone, so I duplicated the original magenta troll and modified the colors with the Hue/Saturation adjustment tool. This was fun! I'm excited to experiment more with brushes in photoshop—certainly a powerful tool!


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