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I love travelling and am still working on my photography. I mostly rely on my iphone and previously Canon G11 and have only this year upgraded to my first DSLR Canon 1200D.

Here are old and new images from my travels.

Cover photo: Melbourne, taken at magic hour during the sunset, which includes some skylight in the background.


In Brittany Quimper on the beach, this photo is taken 30 minutes apart, but the light has dramatically changed. My favourite part of this photo is that straight line of clouds in the horizon, that didn't change.


Charlottenburg in Berlin after the rain,the dramatic clouds still in the background.


Berlin after a downpour with gloomy clouds still over head.


Rubber ducky in Macau on a midday bright sun.


Newcastle, gloomy cloudy weather. one of my favourite type of light because it makes everything pop and look so dramatic like in a movie set.


Early morning in Provence. The trees remind me of Tim Burton movies.


Brittany's famous cloudy rainy weather. Love these colourful houses that pop in the gloom.


typical gloomy weather in Brittany. Waiting for fishermen boats to arrive. I used the colour selective tool on my G11 choosing red to stand out against the background.



Loved this shot at dawn when the sun was just rising in Provence and we got up early to continue our roadtrip. This reminds me of those safari shots - the only thing missing are animal silhouettes of giraffees and elephants with taller shadier trees.


Blue skies in Reims at the Krug champagne winery.


Cloudy days in Reims champagne area, France. I love how this is such a quiet photo with the dramatic cloudy sky.


Same Reims dramatic cloudy sky backdrop in the vineyards of Salon champagne.


I also love silhouettes taking photos towards the sun - I don't always get it right in the manual settings, they are sometimes whitewashed and I am still trying to learn how to get the settings right! Silhouettes I think tell a much deeper story - it leaves more room for the eye to interpret a story out of the moment.


Making use of the side sunlight to illuminate a selfie in Burgundy with Tudor style houses in the background.


I love these two beach photos at the North Sea in St Peter Ording Germany. They give a sense of vast space and quietness. Super blue skies, no clouds. Super windy.


More rainy dramatic moody clouds in Hamburg which makes the architecture stand out.



A panorama shot of Hamburg - you can see how the clouds are dispersed and the right side is more sunny brightening that side of the photo.


Super sunny day cloudy but breezy at Berlin's templehof


Paris fun fair carnival at dusk. You can make out only small details as one's eye is drawn immediately to the setting sun. Not my favourite photo but love that gleaming light that sort of extends beyond that focal point in the centre of the image.


More silhouettes taking against the sun in Loire Valley Tours. It's super sunny with white fluffy clouds at the same time.


Magic hour in Paris Jardin Luxembourg on the left and in Berlin just before the last minutes of light gives way to night on the right.


More cloudy about to rain dramatic sky which still has alot of light over the rice padi fields of Ubud in Bali. The reflection on the water plays up the dramatic feel.


Calm before the story in Bali, Ubud. Super windy and you can smell the rain in the air. Taken at Four Seasons Resorts Sayan, Ubud.


Normal mid day bright light a wedding photoshoot is taking place by Macau Science Museum.


On the left, Paris L'Opera at dusk, the last 20 minutes or so of daylight and the Right Reims around the same time, but it's cloudy skies all day.

Finally I love photos which plays with light more than just being the ambient. Here's a photo of my friend's baby illuminated by the setting sun light.



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