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Travelling Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur

I spent 6 days travelling Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur, a region and province situated in the south of France. My project tells a story of small towns, their surrounding landscapes and the discovery of new places. One place that stands out is the red rock landscape in a village called Roussillon (Le Sentier des Ocres). 

Camera and Editing

All photos were shot on iPhone 6 with the default camera app and the following editing apps:

  • Snapseed
  • VSCOcam
  • Retouch

I use Snapseed to edit most of my photos and then move on to VSCOcam and apply a preset and to add the finishing touches. SKRWT and Retouch are great apps that I recommend to anyone capturing photos 

Birds Eye View

Shooting above ground level in Provence is a challenge - usually involving climbing steep winding roads of small towns. One that stands out in particular is a shot I took from an elevated part of a village called Bonnieux in southeastern France. 


I used Snapseed to increase the ambiance, enhance the colours of the Provence landscape and finally finishing the edit with the A10 preset from the minimalist collection on VSCOcam. A second view from above illustrates the rocky red terrain of Roussillon, and involved climbing high up into the forestry surrounding the house I stayed in for my trip. This was shot later in the evening at sunset to bring out the colourful reds and oranges of the rock behind the house.



Off the Beaten Path

Roussillon has numerous hidden places and spaces, but one that stood out in particular was "Le Sentier des Ocres". The rock has an unusual pigment in comparison to the surrounding towns and landscapes - red orange and yellow ocher cliffs within a forest. Because of the bright, blinding sun deep in south of France, I tended to reduce the exposure settings on my iPhone camera app. Again, I used VSCOcam presets on my iPhone when editing. I sharpened the image to bring out the detail in the rock.


Middle of the Road

Returning home from Le Sentier des Ocres, I got a great image looking up at the trail path around the ochers. It seems to fit this theme of the middle of the road. The colour was already very strong in this image. I used the A9 preset for this shot and I removed the small stakes barricading off the rocks with Retouch.


Another image I couldn't leave out is the side streets of Saint-Remy de Provence with the A9 preset. The shade and the archway remind me of a cave or tavern - and complements the wine and vineyards generally associated with the south of France.  


Signs of Life

This image could just as easily been put in the previous category, but the spring in the step of my youngest cousin was more fitting for a theme about life. I was also lucky he was wearing deep red clothing to contrast with the greens and chalk colours of his surroundings, again using A10 preset on VSCOcam.



Iconic Postcard

There is an abundance of postcard options for the town of Roussillon, where I resided for most of my stay. Two that were most common: the lavender fields around the town and the town itself. I managed to find a shot a bit further back from the town incorporating the two postcards into a unique shot - something I was lucky to get.


I'm an amateur photographer from Dublin, Ireland. I am happy to take any constructive feedback and comments on my photos as I am always looking to improve. For more photos of mine, check me out on VSCOcam and Instagram. Looking forward to seeing everyone elses projects and thank you for such a great class, Dan.


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