Traveller | Skillshare Projects

Milena Deneno

Illustrator and Designer




Hi there!

My project's concept is a Traveller, possibly Fae, who wanders through forests. I have been watching a lot of Natusme Yujin Cho lately, so maybe my character will be Yōkai.

I have done 3 shadow samples, the first one, I hadn;t been able to download the brush pack included in the class. My computer kept freezing, and it said it would take 30 hours to compete the download O_o

Now for the second and third ones, I was able to dowload the packs from Tumblr (answer on class FAQ led me to it), and so here they are:

Clearly, I started using different oppacities for brushes as I went along. This part has been very interesting, since I have never done character creation this way. Fascinating.

Which ones are your favourites?


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