Travelist - student project

Update 1: Completed the first coding challenge and pushed my site to the web -


I love visiting different parts of the world. However, once I'm there, it can be difficult to know where I should go or what I should see. I find it tedious to browse the Internet in search of things to do in these new places. Not only is it time consuming, it is very difficult to know if what I'm searching is worth my time.

When it comes to taking advice, who better to trust than your friends? I believe this same principal should be applied to traveling. You shouldn't have to rely on a stranger's suggestion to get the most out of your trip.


Create a journal of the places (countries, states, cities, etc.) that you have been. Users can include pictures and text of the awesome (or not so awesome) things that they did while they were there. This will allow you and your friends the ability to find out which museum is worth a visit while in Paris, or which river cruise to take through Amsterdam, based on recommendations from people you trust.

Chris Oakley

Financial Aid Admin