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Lauren Weiss

Graphic Designer/Painter



Travel the World

I've been uber curious about this class for awhile now and finally built enough bravado to give it a try. I knew that it looked really fun and thought Jake would be a great teacher. I actually first heard about his classes from their blog which I stumbled upon a year or two ago. They have some really cool stuff if you haven't checked it out already. 

So, for this project I drew up many different ideas. Most of which were way ambitous for my skill level and involved cats. Finally, I landed on this globe idea that seemed like a good place to start. I knew that I would be able to practice the different things Jake showed us in the videos without getting too ahead of myself.

I started in Illustrator .. I used the pen tool to create the word 'travel' because I wanted it to slowly develop like the airplane dotted line. 


Then I brought the layers into After Effects and started working away. Overall, I'm really happy with my first project and it makes me smile. The hardest part was to make the paper airplane look natural and smooth .. It could probably still use a little help.


Thanks for looking! Post feedback if you'd like. 


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