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Sakshi Dez

Hand lettering, Calligraphy, and watercolor artist



Travel journal

This is a view from my window from an apartment in a high rise building. Its a very scenic ring walk atop a brick pit which was going to be filled in. Luckily an environmentalist found some endangered species of golden bell frogs and the site was declared as their habitat!


And here's my sketch done on a very hot afternoon:


So I didn't really quite do it while travelling for this project but I have been painting this while travelling nonethless. 

This was from a cafe in Hobart, Tasmania


And this also while travelling to tasmania at a very small quiet town on the west coast called Tullah by a lake:


And lastly on a sunny arvo at the Cronulla beach just an hour south of Sydney on a day Sydney didn't have the best of weather.


The sketches above are done in my tiny Moleskine watercolor notebook.

I use a very compact watercolor palette that is the size of a business card holder and waterbrushes like pentel aquash. 


And lastly, this sketch, which I didn't do while actually travelling but from a photo summing up my trip to cairns on a ferry to the great barrier reef:



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