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Travel journal "Terre Promise"

Hello Samantha and fellow binders!

I'm a book lover. I mean, I love reading, but I love books, too. The weight in my hand, the feel of paper under my fingers, the smell of ink and glue. New books, old books.

I love them.

I love notebooks/sketchbooks/journals, too. I have dozens, mostly unused, from all around the world. So, when I found this class about combining those two loves, I knew I had to try it.

Only, I ended up taking the concept and running away with it. Because, see, I used a different binding method. Sorry, Teacher!

(Oh, and I forgot to take photos along the way. Sorry! Again.)

01 | I was going on a trip to the UK and had in mind to do a bit of urban sketching/travel journaling. Thus, I kept my eyes opened for a title vaguely reminding me of travel.

I found one called "Terre Promise" ("Promised land" in French).

It's a book with a story, see, because it came from my great-grandmother. She was a woman who loved opera and books. She had quite a few books rebound, from soft covers to beautiful hard ones. These are not the kind of book I enjoy reading but, since my grandmum wanted to get rid of them, I thought I could give them a new life.

I took a few one with promising titles. I'm not sure I'll use them, though. I almost wept as I carefully cut the cover off. It felt like such a crime.

02 | Since I wanted to use my journel to sketch and paint, I chose a paper I'm familiar with and like (mixed media, white and heavy but smooth). As an inside cover, to bind the pages to the cover, I used a thick light brown kraft paper, which I thought went well with the dark green of the cover.

The cover was in perfect shape. I didn't have to reinforce it.

I cut the pages down to the size I wanted (had to buy larger sheets than I'm used to to fold with the grain), folded them and paired them up. I sewed all the pages together, then glued them together in a slightly rouned shape, using an old cast iron paper press.

I then glued my inside covers (on 1cm) on either sides of the pages, still using my paper press. Then I glued the whole to a smaller piece of solid paper, then to the covers.

That way, I didn't have to make holes on the spine, which I might not have been able to do anyway (it's sturdy and ridged). 

03 | And here is the result. The spine is a bit worn because it's been travelling two weeks in a small bag. It's still blank, though! I ended up not having the time to use it during my trip. I'll keep it for my next one.





Thank you for the class, Samantha, even though I went a bit (or a lot) off course. ;)


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