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Kelley J

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Travel in Rail Comfort

I chose this ad from 1955 because it looked simple enough for an Illustrator beginner like me, while still offering a decent amount of challenge as far as shapes and textures. So far I think I'm off to a decent start, thanks to the first few lessons here, and a few of the beginner lessons in the Illustrator Welcome window!

Day 1 - Basic Shapes & Colors

(With a bit of brushes because I was on a roll.)

Day 2 - Refining shapes and using brushes

I'm much happier with the overall shape of things now, as it's beginning to look a lot more deliberate, and matches the ad quite nicely.

Day 3 - Adding text and patterns

Finally got the text on with a semi-comparable font, and fixed that hideous background. Also figured out how to make my rain lines dashed! I think I'm finished...


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