Travel and Food

Travel and Food - student project

Hello!  I have always wanted to blog and share our travel stories but I've used every excuse in the book to delay this project.  As I am very interested in maps and design and building up my graphic design skills, I am very excited to take this course and start building up my project.  Can't wait to dive in!

Why am I making this map?
This fun map (or series of fun maps) will be to document and share with others my travels, highlighting food options and perhaps other hidden treasures or notable structures (for points of reference of course!).

Why am I the expert to create this map?
These maps are from my own journeys that I've had the pleasure of experiencing.

Who is my target audience?
People interested in travel and FOOD!

Do I want my final project to be printed or digital?
Final project will be digital for now. I'd like to "try" to keep the maps simplistic, but informative. This will definitely be a challenge for me because I get very detailed at times. However, since the presentation of these maps will be online, I think I shouldn't focus on making them too detailed with small print as noted. Unless, I can PDF them and link to the maps. We'll see.

What level of detail do I need to include?
I'd like to include Names, Addresses, Street Names, Color Coding, Icons and then links to more information that could include further contact info, website, hours and descriptions. Somehow, I'd like to include time, like travel time maybe or some sort of scale.

Growing Inspiration Board (

Handrawn Map Attempt #1 (02.23.13)

Here's my first attempt at a handrawn map for this project. Having spent some time in Paris, this is a map of a walking tour I did in the Latin Quarter with a really great guide - John-Paul. Normally, most of my travels have been with my husband, friends or family.  It's not too often that I find myself far away from home on my lonesome. This day I decided to join a walking tour, so I was more aware of the sites and travels and documenting.

This first iteration was actually quite fun.  I'll be honest, this handrawn map wasn't done complete off of memory.  I did go back to photos I had taken and google maps to help remember some of the streets etc.  But, it was a fun attempt and a great way to relive some of the fun experiences.  Handrawn is hard!  hahaha As you can see below, I've run off the page and it's not obviously to scale. I'm so used to working 'online' that with other software, I could have just 'moved' everything.  hahaha   Of course, I could re-draw for a second attempt ...

Travel and Food - image 1 - student project



Handrawn Map Attempt #2 (02.24.13)

My second attempt at the same map.  After browsing through some projects I picked up some tips to help with the re-drawing, such as using a grid, or graph paper.  I also removed some markups of other interesting things we saw along the way, but I'm thinking of moving that information to either text descriptions or another layer on top of the map in order to keep the map simple.  I could probably still remove some things.  Also, I wanted to refocus and highlight the food stops, as well as starting to think about icons to use and colour schemes, but I have limited markers on hand.  :)  Can't wait to give it a shot in digital format. 

Travel and Food - image 2 - student project