Travel Videographer/Photographer Plan

I took this course to help get a better idea of the business side of photography/videography.  As a creative I often find myself completely lost in the business side of things.  I am a videographer but love taking photos as well (especially landscapes and timelapses).  So I'm happy the principles of this course can be applied to that. There are three of the four areas that interest me.


1.  Documentaries/Journalism.  I love documentaries, especially wildlife and travel.  I would love to travel and document my adventures and help give recommendations for others looking to travel to the same places and experience what I have.  I want to show people what activities I would recommend, places to eat, etc.  As far as wildlife I love traveling to see animals and exploring national parks so that would be included.

My plan is to start working on my portfolio.  I have a couple ideas how to start.  Start at some local parks around California (where I live) to do smaller pieces.  I was in Fiji in March and I'm definitely going to use some of that.


2.  Stock.  Stock footage has always been on the back of my mind but not a priority.  I may actually start working on that because of the passive income.  It's a great idea!


3.  Client work.  This has always been the main idea.  I would love to get paid to travel and shoot for a client.  Ideally I'd get paid, but I would also do it for trades for adventures (if the money was comparable).  I tried this when I went to Fiji but didn't have any luck unfortunately.  But after I work on my portfolio I may have better luck.  So that's obviously the first step.


Once I work on my portfolio I think the next step is to really work on my own brand.  I'm not sure what I want to do with it yet.  I'm a freelance videographer so I'm not sure if I should just use my name or create a name.  But then build a website and start the groundwork.


Thanks Sean.  This was great.  I'm definitely going to look at your other courses.