Travel Tags

Travel Tags - student project

Travel Tags provide a convenient "cheat sheet' for US/English speaking travelers visiting countries abroad. They attach conveniently to any bag and fashionably/discreetly display snippets of information relevant to the target region. Common phrases, unique customs, and other commonly requested pieces of information can be displayed in way that can be easily and painlessly accessed as often as needed. The goal is to eliminate the act of flipping through hundreds of pages of travel books or translation dictionaries in order to find the one or two pieces of information most frequently referenced.

While we have seen similar products in other industries that provide consumers a quick reference for things like settings on electronic equipment to achieve a desired effect, we have never seen a product like this aimed at easing the most burdensome and frustrating components of traveling abroad.

Travel Tags - image 1 - student project

Jarod Bonino

Quality Assurance Manager