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Travel Snaps to Brooklyn Beta

I recently traveled to NYC for the 5th Brooklyn Beta conference. In addition the conference being a positive, encouraging experience, the schedule is loose enough to allow for serendipity and exploration in a city with so much to offer. 

These were the highlights I snapped along the way. I was able to use a lot of Dan's editing notes - really enjoying playing with the previously unused 'sculpture' option in Snapseed.

Looking at the experience and bit more behind the image:

The Flatiron shot - I think it works, I'd wished for a more interesting sky that day - but something about utterly detail-less is interesting.

Dinner at Estela - I used Retouch to remove a lots of glares and reflections from the frame

At Beta's last hour - all VSCO here. I did have to wait 15 or so minutes for the stage to clear.

Grand Central Main - Hard for me to shoot scale, but enjoyed the color after VSCO E series (hadnt bought the E filters until Dan's vid.  I used a lot of Retouch to clean up the roof.

Grand Central Side lobby - After using Retouch to remove extra bodies, the single person helped show how big this room is. The glow was punched up a bit, maybe too much in the end.

Park Bar - I played a LOT with SKRWT to get these line parallel, probably the most rushed photo of my bunch and I had a lot of correction on the phone. I wished I had slowed down to compose, I would have cropped further from the light in the top left. I used Dan's mentioned VSCO tint to warm this up a bit.

Allsaints - Lots of SKRWT to resolve the lines and I still feel like I miss-cropped a bit. I did love the wall (at Allsaints) and ended up really like the color palette after VSCO work. This was the photo that Snapseed's 'structure' seemed to help the most.

Wythe Bar in Brooklyn - I must have shot this skyline 50 times before backing up and including the frames of the window. I just couldnt not get anything I liked without the window frames. I used some VSCO and Afterlight to help get the color where I wanted.


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