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Travel Plans

Zine Draft:

I was having a rough time coming up with the concept but afterwards it was fun to just draw. I also messed up how it should (there are pages upside down/ cut where it wasn’t supposed to be cut) but guess that’s part of the learning process. I’m redoing it in pencil to then ink it. Taking the time to explore a bit the hand lettering and composition and being more patient with it. Let’s see :)

The cover and back cover reference a song and say "take my hand and let's go around the world" a bit cheesy, but fun! :p (lovely song to listen to, too)



I lost my other fixed zine and had to submit! A diluted country version... then again I’m hooked on zines so doing a few more and doing the country + highlights version for enjoyment. This one atleast has the proper cut, folds decently and doesn't have half of the pages upside down! 


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