Travel Photography for Nomadic Living


I'd like to begin by giving you some insight into the lifestyle I am working towards, to help me best explain why I have chosen these specific income streams.

My goal is to generate enough passive income to live full time in a converted commercial van, and to travel across North America. I am looking to build a personal brand through various content platforms to provide a springboard into further entrepreneurial adventures.

The two sources of passive income covered in this course that best fit my desired nomadic lifestyle are Stock Photography and Travel Blogging.

I am choosing Stock Photography to begin with because..let's be one knows who I am (YET!). Since I am unable to leverage a following, I'll have to rely on more faceless work at the start of my creative journey. Stock photography allows me to work as much as I can and allows for the most creativity with the least limitations. I'll have the opportunity to take as many shots as my camera can handle, with a very wide range of subjects - the best (and most profitable) beginner's bootcamp!

I also chose Travel Blogging - which I aim to be one of the core media platforms of my brand. I know a blog can take some time to generate sufficient income to rely on, but it's a big part of my dream and I'm willing to build. This option appeals to me most because I'm looking to connect with people from all over and I'd love to share my journey and photos with other people. I hope to focus on my blog to contribute to my brand and provide a supplement to my main source of income, which issssss......

A Youtube Channel! I hope to build a fun channel with a ton of information about van life, van conversions, travelling, alongside my own personal journey. This is another option that I know will take a lot of work to generate a livable income. However, I think these three options compliment each other beautifully and allow me to plant many different income seeds to fund a life on the road in a fun way.