Travel Photography by Sandra Yñiguez

Travel Photography by Sandra Yñiguez - student project

Hey there! 

At the moment I am working on putting myself out there and hopefully get to increase the number of followers in balance to my engagement rate.

Lately I've changed the time when I upload my daily photo from being in the morning to around 4pm and it seems to work. I've also been trying some new hashtags and have found some for my photos from Alaska which has increased quite a lot the engagement for the last two weeks or so.

My idea for the next move is to try and reach out to some brands who may be interested in working with me. If you have any tips or ideas on how to keep on moving forward, let me know as I would gladly appreciate them! 

You can find me on:
Instagram @sanysaurio

Sandra Yñiguez

the need to get lost to find yourself