Travel Photography Scavenger Hunt

Travel Photography Scavenger Hunt - student project

I live in a small town called Worcester, an hour's drive outside of Cape Town. It's not the most interesting of towns, it doesn't have those iconic urban skylines or very intriguing architecture. But what it does have, is amazing sunsets, mountains, unique vegetation and it also happens to be the medical care capital of South Africa. This is my take on the assignment.


1. Birds eye view: The region have been experiencing severe drought conditions the past couple of years and climbing up to the top of a hill enabled me to get this shot from above, of which is supposed to be a dam, now almost empty. (Canon Eos 600D)Travel Photography Scavenger Hunt - image 1 - student project 

2. Off the beaten path: This is not so much off the beaten path, as it is at a traffic circle that turns of to the Mall. However, no-one seemed to notice the concrete blocks with graffiti on them, because when I posted this photo, I got lots of comments from people asking me where I took this photo. (iPhone)

Travel Photography Scavenger Hunt - image 2 - student project

3. Middle of the road: Worcester has very mild winters but we do get a bit of snow sometimes. What I like about this image is how the road draws you into the mountain. (Canon Eos 600D)Travel Photography Scavenger Hunt - image 3 - student project




4. Signs of life: A very popular hiking/mountain biking route, where I found this fella trotting along. (Canon Eos 600D)

Travel Photography Scavenger Hunt - image 4 - student project


5. Iconic Postcard: While there are not a lot of famous sights in this town, the white church in the town center would probably be considered an icon. I took this photo on a bright sunny day with some clouds and then converted it to black and white to add drama. I think its cool that the clouds are sort of pointing to the church and how the position of the church seem to dwarf the buildings across the plain. (iPhone)

Travel Photography Scavenger Hunt - image 5 - student project

Stephanie Du Plessis
Weekend Photographer