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Travel Photography Project for Dan Rubin

All of my photos were shot on an iPhone 5s or 6 using the native camera app, Hipstamatic or VSCOCam and edited using Snapseed, VSCOCam or a combination thereof.


The covershot is for the Signs of Life picture, I love the movement of the calves throught the stock yard. I  tweaked the saturation and motion of the shot using Snapseed's Tilt/Shift feature. I was helping friends on their station in New South Wales and we'd just gotten the calves into the pens. Great day, great memory, a favorite shot.


Bird's Eye View

This shot is from Pairama Station in New Zealand, where I was staying in the old shearer's quarters located on top of a hill overlooking the valley. I got up early one morning after we'd been up late drinking and shooting possums (not in that order, and possums are considered a destructive, invasive species in New Zealand) and took this panorama. The colours of NZ are too vibrant already, more real than any film can capture, so I wanted to go with an homage to Ansel Adams. I got close, except for the sunrise itself.


Off The Beaten Path

Again with the black and white, I know... I shot this using Hipstamatic several years ago at Machhapuchchhre Base Camp while trekking in Nepal. It was an amazing sight and a challenging place to get to. I've re-edited the Hipstamatic image using VSCO cam to try to suppress the lodge in the foreground and heighen the sense of relief in the texture of the mountain itself. When you're up in those mountains, there's no question about your size in relationship to them. They're massive. I wanted to convey some of that by using the old lodge for scale, plus the sense of forlorn abandon of the broken down building next to a mountain thousands of years old that seems unchanged.


Middle of the Road

This shot of the old Franciscan monastery in Old Quito just happened one evening a couple of years ago. I've bumped the light and saturation a touch, but for the most part, those are the natural colors of the evening. I love the way the colors in the steeples mirrors the explosive sunset. The vibrancy of an old human settlement moving to settle down for a winter's night, the twilight, and the bustle of people seeing something new or just moving past something they see every day struck me. The contrast between the straight lines of the monastery and the bend in the road gives it a surreal feeling to me, coupled with the firey color of the sunset, it's pretty otherworldly. The curve in the road is just that, I was on a corner, so that's not caused by a pano shot.


For The Postcard shot, I chose and edited this shot from Micronesia. I went and visited a couple of former students a few years ago while they were teaching on Chuuk. We spent a couple of days together on our own small island (20mx50M). We fished for dinner, we drank milk from the coconuts we could find. We slept in hammocks. It was real Gillan's Island stuff. One evening after we'd spent a couple hours talking and watching the sun sink toward the horizon, one of the guys climbed a tree to get us something to drink before dinner. He sat back watching and I managed to grab this shot on my iPhone 5s. Magic.


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