Travel Kit

Really enjoyed this class Chris! It is totally in line with the body easel one, and it explains some of the items you use. For instance, I now understand the use of the wrist sock! 

It is inspiring me to alter the travel kit I already have. The one I had so far, had a small Windsor&Newton palette I bought at a store, with a small brush I don't use much. Your water brush (I need one!) solves the water container problem, it seems. 

So I am adapting the travel kit I have and will add the right brush. For now I am borrowing my kid's brush, from her 'Water Reveal Pad' coloring books. I am also adding a small (shampoo travel) plastic bottle, for extra rinsing water, as well as a cardboard cup to do the rinsing. (It amy work or not, we'll see.)

I also found an old pair of socks, so I made 2 wrist socks. They are black but they will do for now!

And for the paint, I could use the store-bought travel palette I have, or the tins from my body easel, I will need to try to figure out what is better, until I can create one more like yours; I really  like the magnets at the bottom of the pans/half-pans!

And of course adding a small sketch pad I have and don't use, and a pencil and eraser. And a pouch to stuff all of that in! 

Travel Kit - image 1 - student project

Same with the body easel tin palettes: 

Travel Kit - image 2 - student project

Claude C
Acrylics and watercolor artist