Travel Guide Icons

Travel Guide Icons - student project

I thought it would be fun to make icons for a travel guide (I had just come back from a trip when I started this project, and thought this would be a practical use).  I image these along side a list of places to go so it is easy to see which is what, or even for sections of a travel blog.  I had a bunch of icons I thought of making, but then thought it would be most practical to narrow it down to these 6 categories: drinks/nightlife, coffee, food, shopping, nature attractions, and non- nature attractions such as historical landmarks and amusement parks.


Travel Guide Icons - image 1 - student project

I did several more sketches in my sketchbook (at least 2 per icon), but these were the ones I settled on as communicating the idea most clearly.


Travel Guide Icons - image 2 - student project

I actually built the shapes in colors similar to the tutorial, so I didn't get attached to any colors, but after the basics were built, I started searching for a color scheme.  I wanted something that was relaxing and sort of neutral, but with enough variety to make them pop.  I also needed a brown, because any other color for the coffee looked pretty gross. So I found this "design seed" and they played around with it a bit until I found something that meshed better.  This is also when I added the shadows because without (sorry no pictures), the icons looked too simple/flat.


End results...maybe?

Travel Guide Icons - image 3 - student project



Travel Guide Icons - image 4 - student project



Travel Guide Icons - image 5 - student project



Travel Guide Icons - image 6 - student project



Travel Guide Icons - image 7 - student project



Travel Guide Icons - image 8 - student project



Travel Guide Icons - image 9 - student project

Travel Icon Set


Still getting the hang of Illustrator--this was my first real project with it--so I'm not 100% satisfied, but I think it's a good start.  And it was definitely a fun and challenging way to jump into the program!