Travel Dreams


Hello everyone, 

So I was really thinking what pictures to use for this project. Two of them are old. And here they are:

Travel Dreams - image 1 - student projectThis one is taken in Sofia, Bulgaria. I loved it since the second I shot the pic. 

This next one is from our trip last summer to Lefkada, Greece.

Travel Dreams - image 2 - student project

The last pic is a flat lay photography. I recently got some courses on it and really loved it. Here are some results of it:

Travel Dreams - image 3 - student projectI took this course because I would like to become a blogger - very soon. But I first I need to sharp some skills up. It was really helpful!

Hope you all like what I have done! If anybody wants to get in touch, feel free to follow and text me on Instagram in my profile @mishless.

Bye, bye :)