Travel Company Campaign Ad

Travel Company Campaign Ad - student project

I am still working on perfecting the body copy. It is not there yet. The main idea is there though! Let me know your feedback. Do not feel like you need to add a fully designed advertisment as your project (I just happen to have a graphic design background). Just including the 4 main points below is all we need to see your idea and direction! 

Travel Company Campaign Ad - image 1 - student project


TARGET AUDIENCE: Twenty to Thirty (something) young aspiring travelers. They are professionals and may have flexible jobs that allow them to have longer term travel experiences.


PLACEMENT: This would run as a full page ad in several travel magazines. This will also run on Instagram and Facebook as paid or sponsored content. The Facebook Ads would have a similar visual to the print ad show above. 


IDEA: LIVE OUSIDE THE POST. This is my main idea. A simple, easy to digest headline that makes people in my target demographic top and think about how much time they spend looking at others traveling and may feel envious. This inspires them to take action, to drive people to the website to explore booking options. 

BODY COPY: Still working on this! I have a filler content in there for now. I do need to make sure this block of text below my image drives the user to the website at the bottom. 



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