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Travel Color Pattern

I started off by jotting down ideas of what kind of series to create. I was considering creating icons for my job (different building types for architecture) or icons for my own personal portfolio. Also was thinking about art movements. But since i love traveling, I got excited when I thought about the places I want to visit. 

I started another diagram of what I love to collect when I travel, postcards. Vintage postcards are my favorite, scalloped edges, hand colored photographs. I thought about different color processes. When I imagine going to foreign countries i usually associate them with colors... so I started thinking about dress, culture, food, patterns.


i started looking at vintage postcards, and decided hand colored ones are great because they look so surreal.

Next I started sketching. I decided that I want the icons to be square or rectangle in same ratio of a postcard. I'm not great at rendering on the computer, so I want to simplify the style to be close up, not a whole bunch of background... and thought people in more traditional dress, poses, or moving would be a good way to show just a slice of a scene. I started becoming interested in hats too.

I'm going to test combining scenes like this with something that looks like hand colored photograph/blocks of color. Maybe like a screenprint that is slightly off register.

Came up with the following Mood Board and Color Palette. May not actually get to vector shapes by end of day, but will try to get something up!

I started on one. I'm not in love with the frame,  and any advice - much appreciated!

I could only get around to finishing 4 icons, but I like where they are heading.

The Turkey icon is a little different than the rest too, so I need to refine that one.

Just ran out of time!


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