Sarah Keane

Designer & Art Director



Travel Buddies (Working Title)

My app aims to solve a 'travelers' painpoint that I often experience. When a friend is visiting a place that I have already experienced, they often ask - 'Where should I go?'

I want to create an app that records my movement as I travel and gives me a succinct opportunity at a chosen point in each day to rate the places that I visit, add my own photo and add any quick notes. Down the road, if someone asks me 'Where should I go?,' I can send them a 'stack' of reccomendations from the app. 

The future of the app is social and extends beyond the functionality mentioned here. For the purposes of this class (and my sanity), I am trying to start with an idea that is as close to an MVP as possible. 


Meet Andy and Kat!






Just finished up my first two user journeys. Thinking in the "MVP" mindset is not as easy as it sounds. I wanted to make the experience as easy for the user as possible.

  • The idea is that once the user "starts a trip" the app will record their movement based on geotags in their Photostream.
  • At the end of the day, They will get a notification reminding them to check the "Travel Buddies" app.
  • From there, they can add as many or as little of the stops as they like to their Day Map.
  • The product could end there, but the whole point of this app is to reccomend "stops" to friends who are going to the same location. When a user clicks on a 'stop,' they find everything the app has pulled for them, plus an opportunity to customize the image, rating and notes around that particular spot. 




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