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Amrit Shahi

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Trash and How it Works Icons

Hi, I am Amrit Shahi. I am founder and designer at Danfe Design Studio, After working for few years in graphic design projects i never got into much detail of icon design. I used to work on icons but they were not so professional. Learning icon design course was always on to do list.

I found this course and i liked it. I was asked to design few icons for his website and few how it works images to be placed it "How it works" section of the website.

Below were the icons to design

How it works

  1. Select Product Type
  2. Pick Location
  3. Reward


  1. Glass Bottles
  2. Mattresses
  3. Syringes
  4. Electronics
  5. Batteries

I started to sketch the idea of how it works. 


Of course my sketches were not so good as i am not a good sketcher from the beginning :) For the rest of the five icons i just had thought them in my mind. I did not go into much details of sketcing.


After couple of hours working with illustrator and switching to skillshare lesson, it was almost done complete.


Now i had to do rest of the 5 icons. My client asked to choose different colors for this smaller icons. I opened up illustrator and did some color research on websites as dribbble, and create this below color scheme. 


I ran into some trouble with shadown effect and found that it didnot exactly worked for me as said in video lesson. I still had fix those edges and it was time consuming. Later i came up with similar tricks to get the shadow effect.

I had to send the icons to client in 512x512px dimensions so i aligned them with a help of grid and kept these all icons on a separate artboards as below. Then i exported them to folder and sent them to client. 


Thank you very much for this course and helping me learn more about icon design.


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