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"Trash" Los Angeles

"Fear is a state of nervousness only fit for children. Men should not fear. The only thing mam should fear is God. To fear anything other than God is to offend God" - Marcus Garvey

The reason I wanted to start with this quote before anything else is to inspire people to get of their confort zone, weather that be in photography or in anything else they pursue. A few trespassing tickets isn't the end of the world.


I captured this while my cousin climbed up an cargo train overpass, trespassing is necessary for this type of shit. 


After we got to the top we chilled for a minute, but I had to take a sit real quick because the train decided to pass and shake the fuck out of overpass. It doesn't help that I'm scared of heights, but at least I managed to take a shot of my shoes. 

Low Gramz

The minute one of the trains stopped, and the engineer got out for a break I decided to get under the train...not the smartest thing but the creative thought took over. I was under the train for a good 5 minutes, but got paranoid that it might start so I took my snaps and moved the fuck on. I used the wooden plan on the railroad as a tripod.


Okay so to anybody that's ever lived in Los Angeles or plans on moving here, get used to shitty traffic. You either wake up early or go home late because we aren't known for pleasurable commutes. 

This shot was a lot harder to take than I thought it would be, mainly because security but when in doubt snap a shit load of pictures before they see you jumping over small gates and disturbing business meetings. 


I can't say the architecture here in Los Angeles is as good as NY or Chicago, but we can compete with them! There are shit load of tall buildings, and different perspectives I have yet to explore, but the city isn't go anywhere.

One very important fact I learned about trashhand's course is that you have to get dirty. No shame in my game. Lay on the floor, climb things, jump over shit, but most important of all have fun. I used the Hypebeast VSCO filter for this shot, all others were edited through LR5. I used my iPhone 5 for this one, all others were shot with my Canon t3i, and pancake lens. I don't have the most expensive set up, but it's better to be creative than expensive. See you in the next couse!



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