Trapped | Skillshare Projects




With this image I really wanted to capture the terror and the inevitability of what is to come.

I started with the idea of a traditional western where you can see the cowboy framed in the silhouette of the bad guy:

I was trying to create a suffocating feeling through the framing of the character. I wanted there to feel like there is no way out. no way to avoid what is going to happen.

I kept the antagonist dark & shadowy, large in scale, taking up a huge part of the frame to add to the intimidation factor. I lined him in red to really make him pop and to lend to the dangerous feel.

I went through many iterations on my female characters face. I wanted to go with features that would accent her innocence and be easily readable.

when I started adding in color I kept the girl in light colors to contrast with the assailant and to add to her innocent feel.

Then I added in some shading and toned down the red out line A bit to make the image feel a bit more cohesive.

This is where I am now. I think it communicates the feel I was going for, but that there is more I could have done to push my use of the shapes to help tell the story. Let me know what you think! Feedback is greatly appreciated.


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