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Trapped at the circus

I'm not the strongest artist but I hope to get better as this class progresses and as I tell the story of how I got trapped overnight at the circus as a little girl.

First, in following the "main beats" of this class, I came up with 3 ideas.

  • Trapped overnight at the circus
  • Calling the cops...on the cops
  • How to order a cheesesteak (I live in Philly and it's a "thing.")

I decided on the circus one after considering which of the 3 had the most potential for character development. Calling 911 to report a break-in when it was actually the cops arresting someone has lots of characters but wasn't as close to my heart as the circus story. And the cheesesteak ordering process could be fun but it's the weakest of the 3.

Next up: research.

Had to put this class on hold for a bit but I can devote time to it again. There are tons of resources online and here are a few I can use:

8.24.13 Paradigm

I made the fishbone diagram but realized my character doesn't really go through the three stages of: 

  • A character wants something.
  • He actively pursues his goal.
  • He either get’s it or not.

I'm not sure what to do about that. Change the protagonist to my mom, maybe? 




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