Rachel Fia

Artist & Illustrator



Trapeze Artist - Bodyworks #2

I worked with the same acrobat/trapeze artist girl.  She had an elongated neck and a longer torso.  I struggled with making her posture natural looking.  



Here is the Walking, Running & Sneaking.  I struggled with the sneaking pose the most!  I guess I don't know how to sneak like that.  I always think of waking on tip toes.  1f206ac5


This was my favorite sketch.  I used my imagination to draw these poses and props.  I liked the expressions I was able to create.  It would be better if I used a reference photo.b9ae3e02


These poses were out of the film by Charlie Chaplin in the Lion's Cage.  His body was opposite of my character (with a short torso and almost no neck), and I struggled changing the proportions to match my character's.  I think the center one has a good body form, but the head isn't tilted correctly.  The last one on the pole is cute, but I think her legs are much longer.  



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