Transponster - student project

Informational interviews from real people.  About real jobs. 

During a trivia session on a Friend's episode, Rachel and Monica bet their apartment and end up losing it to Chandler and Joey.  Neither could answer the tie-breaking question,"What does Chandler do for a living?" 

Rachel blurts out, “He’s a transponster!” which isn't even a word, Monica is quick to point out.  Though the infamous friends lived together and knew all of each other’s quirks, they had no idea how Chandler spent 80 percent of his day.  This truth, so prevalent in real life, was the impetus for and motivation behind Transponster.  How many of us really know what our friends, family members or even spouses do for a living? And even if you knew that your significant other or best friend was a display merchandiser for instance, how many would actually know how their day was spent?  If we knew what kind of jobs were out there, would it help us find our vocation better or switch jobs more easily? 

One element of Transposnter will include a compilation of informational interviews from real people with real jobs that unveil what they do, how they got there, and much more. We'll start with the fashion industry.  Part of the pursuit is to help creative individuals find opportunities to pursue their dreams in financially responsible ways.  The hope is to save the reader, at the very least, from losing his/her apartment.