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Transparencies, Gradients.. I cheated and skipped to the Galaxy lol

Lesson 1: Transparencies  [January 12th, 2016]


Lesson 1: Gradients [January 14th, 2016]

This exercise turned out to be more difficult that I thought. You can clearly see the 'transitions' there. :\ I will keep working until I get it right!


Lots of water running. I wonder If I should get a Watercolor block...

No class [January 17th, 2016]

I watched the course from Lesson 1 & 2, then skipped to the Galaxy project haha Well, in my defense, I did more gradient practice.. still sucking, but a little less this time haha

I needed more color, so I jumped into the Galaxy (and yes, I will go back to Lesson 3 tomorrow!) just to check my color mix intuition. Not great, but not horrible.. Was just fun. Ana Victoria is totally right.. at first, painting will not look nice.. but later it will take shape (-ish, in my case). I NEED black India Ink as my watercolor black was just not working (too transparent).


Ok, until next time!


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