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Transmetropolitan Drop Cap


Over the past few days I've sketched out a few rough concepts. Some are more fully formed while other are false starts or beginning doodles just to see if my brain would see something in an "E" it didn't a moment ago.

The two E's on this page were informed by this idea from my brainstorming that stuck in my head: the main character goes down a mountian to the city, then back up a mountain. Ideas of up + down, circularity, city vs mountain, clean vs dirty played into this. The top one (circled) has the mountain - and then the city - sticking off (or desperately clinging to?) the stem of the E. 

The second sketch that uses this concept is circled below - this time the E forms part of a window looking out onto a hybrid view of the mountain and the city.

Below is my second idea, as well as a false start that I included in case someone sees some potential there. 

This E contains elements of the book - mostly traits and props of the main character, Spider Jerusalem. His shades, bowel distruptor, the chairleg of truth, and a ciggarette. Part of me really like this one, but I'm not sure if remains on the surface of things, conceptually. Does it reallly get at the underlying guts of the story?


Transmetropolitan by Warren Ellis is one of my favorite comics, let alone books. It's also jam-packed with story, which Jessica recommended. It also doesn't help that I just finished re-reading it last week.

However, to jumpstart my brainstorming I flipped through the trades again and read Wikipedia articles. Without that I might not have remembered that Hunter S. Thompson and "gonzo journalism" were inspirations for this series and the character of Spider Jerusalem.

Here's some quick snaps of my brainstorming results so far (also: working on a cozy bed with a kitty beside you really helps):


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