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Translation Please

Initial Research (9/3)

Researching about yourself I believe is one of the hardest things anyone can do. It's taken me awhile to figure out something that was at least surprising to myself.

I'm used to thinking about myself in facts because of writing resumes and trying to apply for multiple positions. Like I'm a graphic/web designer and developer that loves to be inspired by just about anything (even the spaghetti I may be eating on my plate) and it automatically flips a switch inside my head. Or the fact my favorite color is blue because it's a very calming color and reminds me of the ocean.

So I dug further into the reason why the little things may trigger things other people may not. This led into something I never really thought and didn't want to admit to at first about myself - I interpret things differently than anyone else does.

Now I'm not talking about knowing basics, like red on a stop light means stop and green means go. It's whenever I try and tell somebody an idea I'm having, I feel like I'm speaking another language and I need some kind of interpretation. Even if I end up drawing some of the ideas out in sketch form; it's like the idea is there with lines and letterforms, but sometimes the words don't even match up with the picture.

From this research, I feel I have a good start to trying to find a good statement to create a self-portrait from. Especially having to do with translation.


The Statement (10/15)

I read the great comments below and found great phrases, including "visual storyteller" and "magic translator" that helped in the thinking process. But, I thought I to fully evaluate myself before diving into this further, using key questions from the comments to fully evaluate my thought process and think about how I felt during these "conundrums". These key questions including:

MJ: Do you think that it could be the energy of enthusiasm for new ideas that makes it more challenging to communicate to some one else? If you have an idea but share it later on with someone, does it come across any easier?

Mike: How do you think you mostly think and learn, auditory, visual, kinesthetic, other? How might your thinking different be an advantage?

Jessie: Sometimes it is because you are not just seeing or describing an object but that you are describing an emotion or movement that associates with that object. It's all about being captured and captivated by the moment. This is definitely hard for anyone to do, especially when you're trying to put it in the best context for doing a portrait.

But the things I know:

  • I've always been, and will be, a visual thinker and learner than I will auditory. Just the other day, I had to sit for five minutes and listen to someone speak. I almost had to visualize the words as they were being read to me in order to remember them, since I couldn't write notes at the time.

  • When I try and express my ideas, the more enthusiastic I am about something or unprepared I am to explain something, the more challenging it does become; feeling scrambled like I can't put the proper words together. But, the more time I have to prepare to speak or write down my thoughts, the easier it is for me to communicate my thoughts.

  • For me, it's not all about either the emotion or all of the movements of the object. Also, I'm not sure if I would say I'm emotional when describing the object, but movements associated when appropriate.

After answering those questions, I have a clearer vision for the statement itself... my original title I never intended to be my statement, ended up becoming the statement. I wanted to take the idea that I felt scrambled or like it was a big puzzle for me to put the pieces in the right form so they would understand. I want to try and incorporate similar look where letters could be scrambled or somehow looks like a puzzle.

Maybe there would be a magic translator that goes along with this. To see more of what is inspiring me, you can check out my Pinterest board for this project.


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