Translating words with Google Translate

How do I get Google to help me with my japanese homework?

  1. I enter the url into my preferred browser (Chrome) and the DNS converts that into an IP address.
  2. The request is routed to servers until Google Translate's server is found then saved in the cache. 
  3. The server then responds with packets of data that the browser translates, then presents via HTML, CCS and Java script. (Simple presentation, but efficient.)
  4.  I then set up "rules" for searching the database by selecting which languages to translate to and from. (In this case, Japanese to English.)
  5. I enter the query for 孤独, which is taken to the "back" then talks to the database and files.
  6. With SQL, the database finds the approriate response to my query.
  7. The response is presented to me with the approriate text and I now have the answer to carry on with my homework! 


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