Transition into Illustration

Transition into Illustration - student project

Thank you so much for making this class! This really comes at the right time for me and I love all the tips and information!

So, first off, here is my budding Pinterest board:

(Yes, that's my ID. I don't particularly like pinterest and I do understand that I would have so open another account, if I want to use it for marketing. ^^;;;)

Screen shots:

Transition into Illustration - image 1 - student project

Transition into Illustration - image 2 - student project

Transition into Illustration - image 3 - student project

I have pins of some of my favorite illustrators - Yamada Akihiro, Sumeragi Natsuki, Tezuka, Alan Lee, Stephanie Law... I also started collecting some watercolors, by Kanta Hirosaki first, but there are so many others I love. So, I love watercolors and inks, mostly portraits, fantasy and Asian motives. ^^;

I have some places where I feel at home and where I could find nice looking photos. Hokkaido, Meguro, Saitama, Cheonggyecheon (that's a river in Seoul)... So bascially, I just want to move back to East Asia. Saraba byebye, Europe. ^^; (I'm not so happy with the housing situation in EA and the natural disaster stuff going on in Japan, though ...)

Some photos of inspirational interiors. Spacy, lots of plants, a cross between Swedish cottage and Japanese rooms. I wouldn't mind a hanok or Rivendell-type tree-house exterior, either. :P Lots of books, a spacey studio that is incorporated into the living room (I want my family near me - not quite sitting on top of me, like now, but at a speaking distance... of course my dream would be to paint and create with my kids...)...

Also, I like Hanfu. And tea. And blue. ^^

There's lots more I could add to reflect my values, hobbies and just everything. I'm not really used to using Pinterest, though, so finding pictures that match what I want is actually not so easy for me. ^^;


As for actionable things - I want to have my own homepage where I show my portfolio and write about my path to becoming an illustrator. I also want to start monetizing my illustrations. 

I guess the first step then is to actually create a portfolio, i.e. paint, and watch classes such as this one. :)